5th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD V)

July, 2012
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

  • TICAD is a summit meeting on African development co-organized by the Government of Japan, UN, World Bank, UNDP and AUC.
  • TICAD V will take place in Yokohama, Japan, from 1 to 3 June, 2013

Gist of discussions on TICAD V at the 4th TICAD Ministerial Follow-up Meeting

  • Emphasis on "accelerating growth" while focusing on poverty/vulnerability reduction.
  • Aim for inclusive and sustainable growth and build resilient societies.
Economic Growth
  • Policy and regulatory reforms to improve investment climate.
  • Promote infrastructure development (including promotion of Public Private Partnership (PPP)).
  • Importance of agriculture sector for the economy and food security. Need for strengthening food supply capacity by promoting PPP as well as focusing on small scale farmers and women.
  • Promote regional integration and intra-regional trade for trade facilitation.
  • Promote efforts on tourism and cultural exchange.
Achieving MDGs
  • Importance of achieving MDGs. Strengthen efforts on extreme poverty and maternal and child health. Need for utilization of the private sector.
  • Exchanged views on post MDGs and to include important principles such as human security.
  • Mainstream disaster risk reduction in development and international cooperation to build resilient societies.
  • Strengthen cooperation on science and technology.
Consolidation of Peace/Good Governance
  • Important progress made over recent years through the efforts of African countries. Continue support for further efforts of African countries to realize peace and stability as a basis of development.
  • Approach from both sea and land to eradicate sea piracy. Share Japan's anti-piracy experience in Asia with African countries.
Climate Change
  • Climate change as one of the core development challenges. Need for materializing "African Green Growth Strategy".

Schedule towards TICAD V

Schedule towards TICAD V

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